Excellence in a Cup!

Hello world...welcome to our first blog post! Before we get started, we just wanted to thank you for being a part of our community. We know you love coffee as much as we do - and we can’t wait to share our stories, tell our tales and chat about coffee with you.

We thought we would kick things off by telling you about a little award our partners at FECCEG won...it’s no big deal. Actually, it is THE BIGGEST DEAL!

The Cup of Excellence competition recognizes and awards the highest quality specialty coffees, as determined by industry experts from around the world. Coffees from the winning farms are then auctioned online, with over 80% of the proceeds going back to the farmer.

Not only are we honored to be selected among the best coffees in Guatemala, we are thrilled to say that it’s the second year in a row that we have won!



Ecstatic? Elated? Excited. Ya...that is how we feel! But mostly proud to work with small-scale farmers and a whole team of people who consistently demonstrate care and compassion for quality.



We know and value and understand that coffee brings people together...and we invite you to continue following along on our journey - be a part of community in a cup!


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