Espresso: Coffee in its maximum expression (Part 2)

Now that you know the lifestyle around the Espresso (see our Espresso: Coffee in its maximum expression (Part 1) ) let’s talk about the special qualities about this blend.

If you taste a perfect espresso, or any other beverage prepared by the espresso method, and compare it with the taste of a coffee beverage prepared any other way, you will immediately notice the difference.

The rich flavor and tantalizing aroma of a perfect espresso beverage set it apart from the others, and this is because the method to prepare it is unique to an espresso machine, which draws substances out of coffee beans that give this blend the desirable qualities that everybody wants.

Another characteristic that puts this brew in a class of its own is its body. As with fullness of flavor and aroma, the full-bodied quality of the perfect espresso can only be achieved using the espresso machine.

Also, a special feature of espresso beverages is that they can be prepared quickly – in front of the customers while they are waiting. For example, an order of two cappuccinos, if prepared efficiently, may be in the customer’s hands less than two minutes after the order has been placed. Such on-the-spot service suits the modern day consumer worldwide.

Wait for the last part of this article, to know more about the Espresso preparation!

Source: Barista Bible.

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