Make the most of your drip coffee machine

coffee machine

Drip coffee machines are the most common way to prepare coffee, and are  found essentially in every household. Follow these easy tips for a better brew.

  • Clean the water reservoir

If it’s been a while since the coffeemaker was last used, (for example, early morning), you should run it a few times using only fresh water. By doing this, all of the old water in the reservoir will be replaced.


  • Choose the right filter

It is crucial that the paper filter fits into the filter basket properly, and that the water flows through it at a consistent rate.


  • Choose the proper type of grind

Ideally, contact time between water and coffee is 4-6 minutes, thus making a coarse grind the most recommended type.

grind coffee

  • Make sure that the coffee is evenly spread in the filter

It is important that the coffee bed is level so that all the coffee is saturated at the same time.


  • When the coffee is brewed, stir it

Make it a habit to remove the filter and grounds once the coffee is brewed. Any remaining grounds in the filter basket should be rinsed out. This will prevent the next brew from being bitter.


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Source: The European Coffee Brewing Centre

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