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Espresso: Coffee in its maximum expression (Part 3)

When coffee beverages are prepared by other methods (for example, drip filters or plungers), ground coffee beans are simply combined in one way or another with hot water to release flavor, aroma and body. The espresso method (known as extraction) uses hot water and pressure. This is how it is prepared.   Hot water under pressure has the capacity to extract more from coffee beans than hot water alone. The aim during extraction is to get the “best of the bean” into the beverage. By the “best” we mean the substances in coffee beans that give espresso beverages maximum flavor, aroma and body. When this process has been successful and ideal extraction has been achieved, the result is always the...

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Espresso: Coffee in its maximum expression (Part 2)

Now that you know the lifestyle around the Espresso (see our Espresso: Coffee in its maximum expression (Part 1) ) let’s talk about the special qualities about this blend. If you taste a perfect espresso, or any other beverage prepared by the espresso method, and compare it with the taste of a coffee beverage prepared any other way, you will immediately notice the difference. The rich flavor and tantalizing aroma of a perfect espresso beverage set it apart from the others, and this is because the method to prepare it is unique to an espresso machine, which draws substances out of coffee beans that give this blend the desirable qualities that everybody wants. Another characteristic that puts this brew in...

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Espresso: Coffee in its maximum expression (Part I)

We cannot talk about coffee without one of the most important definitions in the theme: Espresso. And it is because this word has more than one meaning: It is used to describe a beverage as well as a method of preparing coffee beverages. But first, if we want to really understand the espresso beverage and the way it is prepared, it is necessary to understand the espresso lifestyle. In Italy, where espresso originated, it defines the daily rhythm of life. You go for a break, not to sit and linger over conversation and spend time with friends. You drink a shot of espresso while standing at a bar – very quickly, perhaps in one mouthful. You might be alone or...

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