Reserve Coffee

Our reserve coffees has been chosen with only one goal in mind, to be the best of the crop. Each lot is an exclusive coffee, coming from a unique land area where our partner farmers take advantage of rare environmental attributes, like volcanic soil, altitude, rain patterns and humidity, to help them develop unmistakably delicate aromas and flavors.

Reserve Coffee

These beans have been grown in a unique and amazing environment, the farm is based in a humid forest close to a Quetzal reserve, the National Guatemalan Bird.

This micro-lot has been chosen among the 20 best Guatemalan coffees by the Cup of Excellence.

Coffee Description:

Flavor Sweet, green apple  
Acidity High citric acidity
Aroma Vanilla, raisin and peach notes
Finish Silky body, long finish


Department (State) San Marcos 
Community La Feria, San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta
Producers 2 women and 5 men
Altitude 5000ft (1550m)
Coffee Shadow Wooden trees: gravilea, chalum                                             Fruit trees: banana, lime, avocados                              Other crops: sugar cane, avocados, maxan leaves
Process Wet and dry mill
Harvest time January to April
Type Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)

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