Our Coffee Builds Communities

Deep in the western highlands of Guatemala, down long and windy roads, high up on the mountain tops, practically floating amongst the clouds, in far away rural lands, our coffee grows. Where our coffee grows, the roads aren’t the best; the amount of coffee produced by each small-scale farmer is small while the distances between each community are long; and the desire to adhere to top quality control measures is nothing short of challenging. But there lies the reward in all of the hard work…rising up to the challenge of providing the best cup of coffee for you.

Learn more about some of the communities we work with and enjoy the view!


Corral Grande, which is Spanish for “big yard”,  is located in the department of San Marcos in the small municipality of San Pedro Sacatepéquez It takes three hours to arrive to Corral Grande from our main warehouse in Quetzaltenango.

FECCEG has been working with the Corral Grande community since 2015, and has developed several projects together in a very short time: bio-factories specializing in the production of organic fertilizers; goat breeding; beekeeping; and crop diversification using avocados, lemons, oranges, and bananas – all of which contribute to each family’s food security.

Heavily dependent on agricultural production, Corral Grande and other neighboring communities have also experimented in small vegetable gardens with lots of success.

Caserio San Juan 

Caserio San Juan is located in the department of Huehuetenango in  the municipality of San Pedro Necta. It takes five hours to arrive to Caserio San Juan from our main warehouse in Quetzaltenango.

FECCEG has been working with Caserio San Juan since 2010, working together on projects including bio-factories; goat breeding; beekeeping; melipona (stingless) beekeeping; and crop diversification using bananas, avocados, lemon, oranges, peaches, moringa and woodenbushes. Everybody within the Caserio San Juan  community is part of an indigenous culture that speaks a Mayan dialect called Mam.

The pride and respect this community has for its background is evident in their daily use of traditional outfits that are colorful and unique.

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