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Juan Sisay, the Guatemalan “Painter of Lake Atitlan”

Guatemala is a country known for its vibrant colorful culture, mixed into everyday life through textiles, paintings, and pottery.

Generations of coffee farmers usually have one perspective when harvesting coffee. However, when you look at this painting, you wonder what the farmers are looking at?  There is a story about the painting above, and the style, which has been duplicated by many native artists, replicating this famous local artists “Pintura Popular” (popular painting).  

Kishe’ commissioned this painting to depict a scene that many Guatemalans experience and to reflect the bounty of the harvest at our Kishe’ Coop Farms. The story is told of a unique aerial view from flying in a plane above and trying to capture the coffee farmers deep in the fields. Most were looking down, while only a few would look up at the plane above them, so in the original art most heads are down. These paintings are well loved and depict indigenous people working in the most common industry in Guatemala - Coffee.

Two of three of Master Sisay’s sons, Juan Diego and Juan Manual, as well as two grandsons Juan Diego and Juan Francisco all continue the legacy to paint in the famous Primivitist, Sisay style and specialize in portraits of local citizenry, the now famous specialty of Santiago Atitlan artists.  Sisay’s style is a modern version of Mayan art, heavy on portraiture with strong native themes. By becoming an internationally respected and revered painter, Master Sisay had succeeded in showing the world the true beauty of the Guatemalan indigenous art.