Kishe' Ambassador Program ~ "Community in a Cup"

Help spread the word ~ become a Kishe' Ambassador.

We invite you to become a Kishe' Ambassador and help spread the word about this delicious coffee and all the farmers in Guatemala who give their hearts to you through these magic beans! 
What does it mean to be a Kishe' Ambassador?
It means you'll share about Kishe' at every opportunity!  Get to know our Kishe' story, stay up-to-date and use your powers for good. 
Share in person...  
It's always the very best way.  After all, Coffee is all about sharing warm conversation between friends.
Share on Social Media...
Follow Kishe' (and FECCEG) on Facebook and jump into the conversation!  Comment on and our posts and share them with your own circle of coffee loving friends. Take photos with you and Kishe' Coffees then post to your/our Instagram feed. 
Do you Pin?  Share your love of Kishe' Coffee and check out our Pinterest page and go wild pinning! 
Support by writing honest Reviews on our website and other social media sites.
Do you Blog? Write a Blog about Kishe' Coffee!  And your Blog may be added to the Kishe' website Blogs. Share your Blog with others. 
We'll thank you for joining our Ambassadors!
Sign up below to be an Ambassador and begin with our new "GIVE $5 = GET $5" campaign and you'll be drinking more Kishe' Coffee soon. 
We will Plant a new Coffee Tree in your honor at one of our deserving co-ops ~ just think! someday, you could be enjoying beans that came from a coffee tree you helped plant!  
Obviously, we'll thank you with samples of delicious Kishe' coffee!!
We'll send you official Kishe' Ambassador loot that no one else will have. 
When we introduce a new roast - (and we have 2 more coming soon!) you'll be the first to taste and tell the world about it. 
We'll be sure you get updates and news and stay in touch with what's happening! We have fun surprises that we'll send you every now and then throughout the year. And if you have other great ideas for us ~ maybe we'll send you that too!
Let's work together to share what's brewing at Kishe'. 
We promise you, we will NOT share any of your information.  Period.  
We take your trust very seriously and only need your info to ship you coffees, contact you and to bring a smile as we watch you go to town sharing Kishe' with your world as an official Kishe' Ambassador. 
Other questions: 
Thank YOU!