Why drink Kishe' Coffee?

Kishé®  “many trees” in Mayan.

Our Brand Promise:

High quality products linked with social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Our values are intricately woven into our work, as we are a US social enterprise owned by Guatemalan small-scale farmers.  You can't get any more direct than beans right from the farmers!

Our Coffee:

Our Arabica, specialty grade coffee beans direct from Guatemala.   Guatemalan coffee producing regions are defined based on climate, soil, altitude, and cupping characteristics. Our single origin focus allows us to highlight the unique flavors of each land. Our beans are expertly roasted, and packaged in California on demand to maintain freshness.

All our coffee is certified organic, fair trade, and kosher.

What is Specialty coffee?

According to SCAA -  Specialty Coffee Association of America:

"The term "specialty coffee" refers to the highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established SCAA developed standards. Specialty coffee in the green bean state can be defined as a coffee that has no defects and has a distinctive character in the cup, with a score of 80 or above when graded according to SCAA Standards. 

What is organic coffee?

OTA - Organic Trade Association definition states:

"Organic coffee is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture. Third-party certification organizations verify that organic farmers abide by the law." 

What is Fair Trade coffee? 

Fair Trade USA describes as such:

"Your rich cup of Fair Trade coffee can help farmers escape poverty. Most small-scale family farmers live in remote locations and lack access to credit, so they are vulnerable to middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at a fraction of its value. Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price, and links farmers directly with importers, creating long-term sustainability. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn better incomes, allowing them to hold on to their land and invest in quality."

What is Kosher coffee?

KSA - Kosher Supervision of America defines it thus:

"Kosher is a term originally used to denote that which is "fit" and "proper". Most often, it is used to describe foods that are permitted to be eaten by people who observe Jewish dietary law."