Our Volunteers

Meet the volunteers who work with us

“Before serving as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Guatemala, coffee was not part of my vocabulary. But soon after starting to work alongside the farmers and staff of FECCEG and Kishé Foods, it didn’t take long to appreciate what is truly involved in producing coffee.

I was inspired as I saw hard work, dedication and passion everyday…in the office, and in the fields. I really admire FECCEG, and how they care for their farmers’ standard of living by providing opportunities through various programs for continued growth and learning.

If I had to pick one word to describe my experience, it would be love…I love the people of Guatemala; I love the natural beauty of Guatemala; I love the coffee of Guatemala!”


“My experience with FECCEG/Kishé Foods as a Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer, assisting on the business/export side of this coffee concern, was excellent! They were warm and welcoming, and helped me understand the value of what they were doing.

They introduced me to the co-op farmer groups and their families, where I saw first-hand how FECCEG was helping elevate the health and status of the co-op families, by providing training on a wide range of processes. They are also supporting better schools for the children.

I felt honored being able to assist on a program that I could see was in the best interest of the farmer families.”


“Working with FECCEG and KISHÉ Foods as a Farmer to Farmer volunteer in 2016 was a great experience.

The leaders lead by example, the desire to learn and improve my palate and the culture of hospitality and community was most enjoyable and notable.  The organization is not afraid to take chances and risks. The staff and employees are knowledgable and attentive/receptive to new ideas and questions.

The leadership is open to criticism and experienced with international business, agricultural enterprises, regional culture and the various social needs and opportunities in this area.

All the above combined with excellent coffee in a wonderful facility in the beautiful city of Xela under the eye and in the shadow of the volcano, Santa Maria. It was a great experience to work with FECCEG and KISHÉ Foods.”


“There are so many beautiful places in the world and coffee grows in many of them. Guatemala is one of the largest producers of Arabica coffee in the world and it is a special place.

This year I had the blessing of working with my father at FECCEG in Guatemala and helping with some ideas for their US start up Kishe' Foods. These grass roots initiative coffee programs leave the Guatemalan people and the environment in great shape all at the same time. Their talented team understands gender-fair, fair trade, organic and sustainable production and is bringing that ethic from Guatemala to the US.

We had fun while we were there learning, sharing ideas and having great conversations with all the producers and organizers of their business. We also drank a lot of great coffee. Enjoy and Salud!!!!”


"My experience as a volunteer with Kishe' Foods in Guatemala was very exciting, because of the very skilled staff at FECCEG. I was able to discuss, assess market information and implement collaborative coffee marketing strategies within the local, regional and international markets within a short time.

This positive volunteer experience was very educational and rewarding for myself and the marketing teams of FECCEG and Kishe' Foods.

Sincerely Willis Brown Marketing Specialist Columbus, Ohio."


"My name is Michael Drankwalter, a local beekeeper in Hudson, Florida. I was asked to volunteer to help the people of Guatemala with their beekeeping skills and practices in January of 2015, with the program “Farmer to Farmer”. I was asked to visit a co-op in Quezaltenango, in the mountains where indigenous Mayan woman, men and children grow coffee and manage bees along with other ways to provide income to the people. The co-op is called FECCEG.

The experience was a life changing one for me as we traveled throughout mountains visiting the many beekeepers spread throughout the country. The people were so happy to learn how to improve what they were already doing well. The folks at the co-op were great to work with and put into practice my suggestions for better and more honey production. I look forward to returning in the future to offer my assistance again."