Meet our grower partners

My name is Nicolasa Aguilón, I was born in 1954, now I am 61 years old, a single mother of a 34 years old son, and a really proud woman for being the owner of 1.5 hectares farm, where I grow coffee and bananas, besides other small amounts of fruits and vegetables for our family. I live in “Comunidad Agraria Emanuel”, a community that belongs to San Marcos department. This community is part of ACOMNAT association, one of the FECCEG’s members.

The technical assistance that I received from FECCEG helped me to understand that a great coffee doesn’t just grow. I learned the importance of seed selection, the use of organic fertilizers, the handling of the shadow trees, and the diversification of our crops; in the past we only could hope that our coffee grew with God’s help.

Five years ago, FECCEG helped us establish our own organic garden and now my family enjoys its vegetables everyday. In the past nobody in the community had thought about doing that, everybody just went to the market and bought vegetables if they could afford it. Now my family even can sell some in the neighborhood supplementing our income.

In the past I was really shy and never participate in any group till FECCEG started to lead workshops related to gender and self-esteem in the community. I have even had the opportunity to travel to other countries to share my experiences with other women and learn from them. This motivated me and has helped change my life.

Nowadays I work in the organic fertilizers factory that was set up in our community, where we produce and teach other producers about organic agriculture.

My family and I are really proud of our quality coffee and to be part of Kishé Foods. I hope that you enjoy your coffee and help to keep creating opportunities, so more women can learn as much as I had the opportunity to learn.

My name is Leonardo Gonzales. I am a married 45 year old man, with 2 daughters and 4 sons, all of them under the age of 14 years. I own 1 hectare farm where I grow coffee, bananas, vegetables and citric fruit. I live in “Comunidad Agraria Emanuel”, a community that belongs to San Marcos department (state). This community is part of ACOMNAT association, one of the FECCEG’s members.

Before I wasn't really comfortable participating in any group, till I met the people that were getting involved in the organic workshops that FECCEG was leading in our community. They were transforming the traditional production system into organic farms.

We weren't used to making plans related to agricultural production, we didn't pay attention to the rain patterns, or the moon cycle. Now we take care of every step during the coffee growing process, and we pay attention to all the natural elements that affect it.

We received a lot of trainings related to agricultural organic practices, quality control, responsible consumption, the environment and organized work.

In our organic garden we started to grow some local herbs and then we tried other vegetables that we now consume, to guarantee our healthy diet.

Now we are free because we don’t have to buy any chemical fertilizer, we can make our own products, with local and easy to find materials, like milk, rocks, molasses, etc.

I feel really thankful and proud because when somebody visits the community, I can show them my farm, show them my healthy coffee plants, explain about my work and tell them that my coffee will be sold in the US through the FECCEG export process.