Our Farmers

Our farmers care deeply about their land, and harvesting coffee beans with pride and dignity. All of our farmers are members of FECCEG, who own 100% of Kishé Foods. So in reality, Kishé is 100% farmer-owned through the farmers' cooperative FECCEG. FECCEG is composed of 8 member organizations, shown in the map to the left.

Some facts about our farmers:

  • 1/3 of our producers are women.
  • Each family of producers has around 5-9 members with 1 hectare of land for each family.
  • 70% of our families heavily depend on their agriculture to survive
  • The majority of our producers have only received primary education
  • They mostly come from indigenous communities such as Mam, Quiché, Popti, Ixil and Kachiquel.
  • One of our farming communities was internally displaced by the civil war. Most of our producers were affected in some way.