Thankful Coffee Box
Thankful Coffee Box
Thankful Coffee Box
Thankful Coffee Box
Thankful Coffee Box
Thankful Coffee Box

Thankful Coffee Box

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share great memories with loved ones, and your gratitude with others…… Kishé can help you to do so.

Providing families with goats is one of Kishe's social impact programs.  112 Goats have been given to date.  Ideally, we need 50 MORE Goats right now. 

Your donation will help us achieve the goal of providing 50 ADDITIONAL GOATS to our Guatemalan farmer families by purchasing our Thankful Gift Box.                                   

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Order by Thursday, November 16 for Thanksgiving delivery!

Your Thankful Gift Box includes everything you need for a memorable thanksgiving feast:

    • Information & photos of our Goat Program
    • Sample bag of Woman Grown Coffee
    • Sample bag of Volcanic Coffee
    • Sample bag of Reserve Coffee
    • 10 "I Am Thankful For:" Place Cards - Fall Leaf Shaped
    • Ideas to make your dinner table even more Thankful -  including our "10 Tips to cultivate your Attitude of Gratitude"
    • Fall Leaf, Coffee Bag Clip to keep your coffee fresh

At Kishé Foods, we work to improve and sustain the living standards and well-being of our specialty coffee producing families. Goats are an integral part to growing organic coffee, because they produce abundant organic bio-fertilizer; they also provide milk and meat for families nutrition.

A pregnant female Goat costs $600 US. Each Co-op shares 1 male goat. This grass roots initiative and similar coffee programs, assist the Guatemalan People and their environmental stewardship efforts.

Thank you for your Donation to help ensure every farm has a Goat!  Pay it forward, and together we can help sustain nutrition for our Guatemalan coffee farmers and their families.

WE are Thankful for YOU!

Have a great Thanksgiving Day!