Volcán Dark Roast
Volcán Dark Roast
Volcán Dark Roast
Volcán Dark Roast
Volcán Dark Roast
Volcán Dark Roast

Volcán Dark Roast

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Our Volcán Blend is made with a mix of beans from San Marcos and Huehuetenango, where the prominence of the volcanic soil results in a richer coffee. The coffee producers are organized in the Acomnat and Comal organizations.

This coffee is the perfect one to start your day on fire!

Why Volcán Blend?

Volcán is written in Spanish and means Volcano.

We decided to name our house blend this because when you visit Guatemala, you will never forget the magnificent volcano views on your way.

In this blend each bean is grown, farmed, dried and packaged in the shadows of Guatemala’s mightiest volcanoes. The blend is purposefully crafted to highlight specific flavors unique to our Guatemalan shareholders’ farms brought out by their rich volcanic soil, high altitude and climate.

Coffee Description:

Flavor Sweet, white wine 
Acidity Medium citric acidity
Aroma Peanut and caramel notes
Finish Full-bodied coffee, long finish


Department (State) San Marcos and Huehuetenango
Community Comunidad Agraria Emanuel, San Marcos
Corral Grande, San Marcos  
Caserío San Juan, Huehuetenango
Huixoc, Huehuetenango   
La Pinada, Huehuetenango
Producers 10 women and 29 men from San Marcos
12 women and 44 men from Huehuetenango
Altitude 4250-5250ft (1300-1600m)
Coffee Shadow Wooden trees: gravilea, chalum, white tree     Fruit trees: bananas, oranges, lime, avocado
Process Wet and dry mill
Harvest time December to April
Type Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)